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Managed IT Services

At Computer Solution Partners we deliver solutions using the latest technologies directly to your business. We work as your Information Technology (IT) Partner to understand your business needs, and then work with you to ensure that the investments you have made in technology continue to provide you the best Return On Investment possible. We give you the opportunity to focus on your business, while our experts take care of your computer infrastructure.

  • Remote Services

    We utilize the latest remote diagnostic capabilities that allow us to safely and securely connect remotely over the internet to diagnose and resolve the majority of the problems you may experience.

  • On-Site Services

    Our commitment to your business does not stop at remote services only. We can also offer you quick on-site assistance for those situations where your are experiencing hardware or other failures requiring an on-site specialist.

  • United States Based Resources

    At Computer Solution Partners, we take our business relationships seriously. We recognize that while offshore out-sourcing of resources is becoming the short term mentality for reducing costs, we understand that you will receive the best support possible by only using US based employees.

  • Long-Term Partner

    Our goal is to provide you with technology services as if we were part of your company. We partner with our clients to understand their business and proactively provide strategic technology guidance

Web-based Solutions

We partner with our clients, help them automate critical parts of their business and continue our relationships as we by providing outstanding technology support services beyond the scope of our automation projects.