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Product Development

Computer Solution Partners can be the product development arm for your company. We deliver solutions using the latest technologies as if we were an internal part of your business. You have the great idea, we help you bring that idea into the market. The intellectual property remains yours, as we operate as part of your team.

  • Design Experience

    We have experienced System Architects, User Experience, and Design experts to ensure that applications are easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and designed for future growth.

  • Development Experience

    We have the right resources for the right projects. Our experts range from college graduates recently educated on the latest technologies, to technologists with years of experience. The team works collaboratively together to ensure great results.

  • QA Experience

    The Quality Assurance (QA) team is part of our development team. QA provides continued feedback comparing requirements against deliverables, performs module testing while development is underway, and performs ad-hoc testing to ensure overall stability of products while they are developed.

  • Deployment Experience

    Not only can our team help you create your next product, but our deployment experts can help to deploy your product ensuring a safe and stable environment. After deployment, we can help you maintain could server administration and provide any product support services you need.

Smaller Projects

Are you a services company or just selling widgets?

Are you just looking for some help managing the technical aspects of your business? We are happy to help you too! We partner with companies that just need our expertise to handle the technology related aspects of their business. From hosting and developing company web sites, to helping you with internal networks and smaller business automation, we can help!